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PhD positions in Marine Governance Law

Two Doctoral Studentships in legal science, public law, private law, international law with focus on Marine Governance Law

Type of employment: Fixed-term employment, 48 months full-time studies
Extent: 100 %
Location: Department of Law, Department of Law, Gothenburg, Sweden
First day of employment: 1 February 2016
Reference number: UR 2015/640

The Department of Law is part of the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg. Legal education and research have been conducted in Gothenburg since the School was founded in 1923. The Department of Law has expanded greatly over the last few years and it is steadily growing with new researchers and lecturers joining the staff. Today, there are more than 90 employees, approximately 1,300 undergraduate and graduate students and around 20 doctoral students. Further information can be found at

Marine Governance Law is a new research field characterized as a priority area by both the EU and the Swedish authorities. It is necessary to explore how various legal aspects of issues relating to planning, management, governance and institutional structures interact with the major societal challenges that can be connected to the sea and the maritime environment. Thus, marine governance law will interrelate environmental law and public administrative law with the planning and management of the exploitation of the sea and its resources.

Job assignments

The doctoral studentship will start in February 2016. The period of the employment is initially one year of full-time studies, with possibility to extend it. The total length of the doctoral studentship is 48 months of full-time studies. Doctoral students shall primarily devote themselves to their studies. Doctoral students may work to a limited extent, max 20% of full-time, with educational and administrative tasks at the Department of Law. In such case, the study period will be extended with the corresponding period of time. The doctoral studentship comprises full-time studies.

The successful candidates will be admitted as doctoral students in one of the doctoral subjects Legal Science, Public Law, Private Law or International Law. The focus of the project is Marine Governance Law.

The following may serve as examples of issues that fall within this field of research: - The application of national marine planning tools in a local, international, and EU legal context;
- Legal co-ordination between adjacent states of planning and management measures linked to the sea;
- The relationship between the regulation of specific activities, such as energy production , fishing and tourism, and more general policy instruments like marine planning and environmental quality standards;
- Other forms of legal coordination or management of conflicts between competing forms of exploitation of the sea and its resources;
- The utilization of knowledge derived from natural science or behavioral science in the legal processes associated to sustainable use of the oceans.


The doctoral studentship is intended for candidates who are not already registered as doctoral students. In order to be eligible for the Department's LL.D. programme (third-cycle studies), the applicant must meet both the general and specific entry requirements. An applicant meets the general eligibility requirements for postgraduate studies (third-cycle studies) if he or she:
- has been awarded a second-cycle qualification
- has satisfied the requirements for courses comprising at least 240 higher education credits/ECTS credits of which at least 60 higher education credits/ECTS credits were awarded in the second-cycle, or
- has acquired substantially equivalent knowledge in some other way in Sweden or abroad.

An applicant meets the specific eligibility requirements if he or she has been awarded a Degree of Master of Laws, 270 higher education credits credits/ECTS credits (Sw. Juristexamen) or the equivalent at a Swedish higher education institution or has acquired knowledge that provides the equivalent competence in Sweden or abroad. When assessing whether the equivalent qualification is sufficient, particular consideration shall be given to the requirements to successfully carry out the postgraduate studies within the specific subject area.

Applicants shall have sufficient knowledge of Swedish or English.

Applicants should be awarded the LL.M. degree or should have passed all courses required for the LL.M. degree on the 21 September 2015, at the latest.


In accordance with the Higher Education Ordinance 5:5, the selection among the qualified applicants will be primarily based on the assessment of the applicants' ability to assimilate knowledge in the field of the postgraduate studies. During the selection process, an overall assessment of the applicant's capacity, the planned project's qualities and the Department's prerequisites for providing the necessary support is carried out.

The following aspects will be considered in the project outline: the applicant's knowledge of previous and current research within the field; the scientific basis of the addressed issues; the adequateness of the described methods; and last but not least, the feasibility of the project within the frame of the postgraduate studies. Another relevant assessment criterion that might be taken into consideration is the ambition to achieve a complete academic environment and secure the Department's future competence needs.

The decision about the admission to postgraduate studies is made by the Head of Department upon recommendation from the Department's Research Committee.

To apply:

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