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FishNet recognises the damaging impact that ineffective marine and coastal management has on international development and the environment, but FishNet aims to raise awareness about the solutions. We believe that sustainable development can meet the challenges caused by overfishing, habitat destruction, natural disasters and climate change. As such, we take the positive perspective that fisheries from around the world can be made to work for the future as well as today.

FishNet members can post:

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Q&A: The theories, concepts and practices associated with sustainable fisheries can be complicated and unclear. To better understand them, members can use FishNet’s Q&A page to ask other people within our community any questions that they may have.

Photos and Films: FishNet is for sharing, so we encourage our members to upload photos and films. It is important, however, that copyright laws are not broken. Therefore, if the picture or clip is not your own, make sure that you have permission to use it and that credit is given where it is deserved.

Resources: Features documents that can be downloaded either through FishNet or from a third party. It is best to link to the original source. These could be research outputs or articles.


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